If you’ve visited us in person, you have most likely met some of the incredible team members that bring joy and laughter to the atmosphere at Brazos Fellowship. The teams at the doors, making coffee, answering questions in the lobby, and in the parking lot have been strategically placed throughout your visit to maximize your enjoyment on a Sunday morning.

Welcome Teams exists to create a positive lasting impression in the minds of everyone who walks through our doors so that we can assist in the church-wide mission of guiding people into a growing relationship with Jesus. Members of this team get to use the specific passions, talents, gifts, and experiences that God has equipped them with to serve the congregation on Sunday mornings. 

If you love making people smile and you are excited to serve with a team that will build you up and encourage your connections with new faces, Welcome Teams is for you! It’s a super easy and fun way to take a step toward getting more involved in the culture of Brazos Fellowship. Here are some specific teams within Welcome Teams that you could join:

  • Event Staff – this team assists in seating guests in the main auditorium and facilitating in giving. 
  • Concierge – here, you get to engage with guests that come to the Welcome Desk with questions, help them to find the information they desire, or walk guests to the areas they’re in search for.
  • Hospitality – brewing fresh coffee, stocking our refreshment carts, and interacting with guests as they get caffeinated makes this team a dynamic force!
  • Greeters – as the front-line of our church, greeters get to welcome families and put a smile on the face of those of those climbing the steps, setting the tone for what they’ll experience inside. 
  • Parking – efficient traffic flow is so important in the safety of our church guests, so this team is for those who are looking for a community of doers and organizers in the parking lot, no matter the weather elements.