Help students find a place to belong.

Our SERVE teams are the heart and soul of Two42. Whether it is helping setup, holding a door open, connecting with first time guests, or praying for every aspect of the ministry, we want you to help make Two42 a place where young adults can find their tribe and belong.

*If you would like more information about serving in other ministries at Brazos Fellowship just select “OTHER” on the form below and let us know what ministry you would like to be connected to.







We want Two42 to move from “church” to “family” in the lives of our young adults. The communication team uses photography, videography, and graphic design to help create an environment where young adults can find their tribe and belong.







The transition from High School to College is so transformational for so many people. Our Freshman Team is there to help walk with students as they find their bearings. Be a part of hosting events, Bible studies, Freshman Breakfast and more.







Church is so much more than a building. Join our Community Outreach team and be a part of taking Jesus to the streets. Through serving, partnering with local non-profits, and engaging with the community, you are not only representing Two42. You are the hands of Jesus.







Statistically people decide in less than 30 seconds if they feel comfortable in an environment. That is why our Hospitality Team is so vital. Through holding a door, greeting with a smile, setting up different environments or serving coffee you are setting the tone.







Two42 is so much more than an event. We strive to be a community that is welcoming and inclusive. Our connection team takes what happens at an event and continues it throughout the week. Help connect young adults to authentic community.







We work hard. We play hard. But everything we do hinges on a work of the Holy Spirit. Our Prayer Team plays such a huge role in the life of this ministry. Not only do you get to cover our ministry in prayer, you also get to connect to young adults through prayer.







It takes an army of people to put together our college services and events. Our Production Team makes the magic happen on stage. Run lights, graphics, sound, cameras and more and help create a compelling environment each week. 

If you are interested in serving please fill out this form and someone from our team will contact you this week.