Leslie Lewis

Women’s Ministry


Leslie Lewis

Women's Ministry

Leslie grew up near Corpus Christi in Bishop, Texas. She arrived in the Brazos Valley in November of 2004 when she and Pastor Will moved here to start Brazos Fellowship. The Lewis family includes three daughters, named Lindsay, Emily and Aly; they also have a dog and a chinchilla. When this busy wife, mom and ministry leader has time to relax, she spends it with her family doing all kinds of fun things: going to movies, crafting, cooking, and reading. Rumor has it she is also pretty hard to beat at Just Dance for XBox!

While in college, Leslie attended a Bible study led by Louie Giglio. One week the topic centered on thankfulness, which prompted her to reflect on God’s work in her life. In response, she committed to use her time and abilities to serve God. This started by volunteering with children and youth; then she married Will a few years later and has been serving in ministry alongside him ever since.

While Pastor Will was in seminary, he was employed as an intern at a large church in Dallas. The pastor’s wife, Susie Hawkins, was influential in Leslie’s life as a friend and example. Leslie credits her with illustrating this critical building block for the Christian life: The importance of loving the Lord first, spending time with him daily, and loving others out of the overflow of God’s love.