Submitting a Time Off Request

 Log in to the payroll system at
  1. Select Time and then Time Off Requests from the left hand menu.
  2. Select Request Time Off to submit a new request.
  3. Select the absence type from the Absence Policy field.
  4. Enter the date range for the request using the From Date and To Date fields.
  5. If necessary, uncheck any days of the week that you do not wish the request to be created.
  6. Enter the number of hours in the Hours Per Day field. The Hours Requested and Projected Hour Balance fields will auto-populate based on the dates and hours you enter.
  7. Enter any notes in the Comments field – if requesting a Personal day, denote that in the comments.
  8. Select the Save button at the top to submit the request.

For more detailed instructions with pictures, download the PDF below.

Time Off Request Instructions