Two42 Leadership Positions

There are lots of different ways to get involved with leadership at Two42. Below is a brief description of the leadership positions available. Don’t see something listed but have an idea on how you can serve? Shoot us a message:

Small Groups are our Bible study program. Each Small Group Leader is responsible for teaching his/her group, spending one-on-one time with group members, and prayerfully doing all they can to help foster community among their group while guiding students into a growing relationship with Christ.

Small Group Leader:  Small groups follow curriculum designed by the Two42 teaching team. Each semester students will be challenged to work through what the Bible says about the critical components of our faith. Small group leaders are responsible for facilitating conversation focused on the topics presented in the curriculum. They are also responsible for the flow of the group meeting time.

Co-leader:  Each small group may be co-lead. In a co-leadership position, two leaders share the responsibilities of leading a small group.  (Community Leaders will co-lead with a Small Group Leader.)


The Ministry Teams are made up of teams responsible for running all of our college ministry programs. Ministry Teams are given a few tasks they must do and the rest is left to the leader. You have the opportunity to practice delegation and vision casting while teaching others how to lead well.

Three primary jobs of a Ministry leader:

RECRUITING—Serving on one of the different ministry teams is the MAIN way students get involved in the college ministry. As a leader of a ministry team, you are responsible for helping students get plugged in and providing them with service and leadership opportunities.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT—Our goal for ministry teams is not just that events would be planned & successfully accomplished, but that students would find a place to connect and build community. As their leader, you will be expected to spend one-on-one time with each student on your team, mentor them when desired and possible, and help them to learn and grow.

MINISTRY SUPERVISION/EVENT PLANNING—Each team is responsible for a distinct area of ministry (see below for the different areas). Ministry Team leaders are responsible not only for running each event or program, but setting goals and vision for their team, making plans for how to accomplish that vision, and making sure that our ministry events and programs are done well.

Ministry Teams:

Each of the following teams has a leader committed to accomplishing the above responsibilities for their area of ministry:

Service – engage with the local community and find ways for Two42 to serve
Connect – foster a community that invites people into fellowship with each other
Crew – serve the Church body with event set-up and tear-down, among other service initiatives


As a Community Leader, you will be co-leading a group of college students in a Bible study. While you will participate in leading the Bible study with a Small Group leader, your primary responsibilities will involve facilitating opportunities for your group to connect with each other and other groups within Two42.