Thinking about applying to be a CG leader?

Community Groups are the heart of Two42. Since this college ministry launched in 2014, we have placed a high priority on groups. Our driving mission is to CONNECT students to authentic community, COMPEL them to grow in their relationship with Christ, and ENGAGE them in the mission of the gospel. One of the main ways to accomplish this in through our groups.

As you pray about this process, we want to help paint a picture of what you are saying yes to. Ultimately, you are NOT saying yes to leading a Bible study. You are NOT saying yes to always having the right answer or being the smartest person in the room. You are NOT saying yes to signing your life away. You ARE saying yes to creating a space for authentic community to happen. You ARE saying yes to being real and honest. You ARE saying yes to an incredible adventure. Don’t just take our word for it. Here are a few testimonials from some of our amazing CG leaders.

As you work through this application you will see links to more information. We have provided context on what the time commitment looks like and what exactly you are committing to as you step into a leadership role. If you still have questions or would like more information before filling out the application, shoot Chris a text (979.574.3200). We can’t wait to serve with you.


At first being a CG leader was terrifying but I have gotten to witness God build such a strong community! All I did was open myself up to others and be willing to be there for them, and through that I have seen God do AMAZING things. Not only has my personal community grown, but I have seen a community grow amongst members of our CG, people who genuinely want to hang out together and share the goodness of the Lord. If you are thinking of applying, DO IT and just be open to what the Lord has and he’ll provide in way more ways than you could imagine. – Kendall Finseth, Former CG Leader

Leading a community group has been one of the greatest gifts that college has given me! I think going into it knowing that you won’t have all of the answers or always have the “right” things to say allows you to fully depend on the Lord and trust in what He is going to do within your CG. By saying yes, it allows you to strengthen your own walk with Christ while growing closer to others who are seeking to do the same thing. After reflecting on the past couple months, I am in absolute awe of the ways that God has moved each week. You’re really just there to create a space where people can feel welcomed, loved, seen, and be themselves while facilitating conversation. You also get a chance to invest in other people, do life with everyone, and literally just be their friend. I know it can be scary to jump in, but be confident in who the Lord is and the ways that He can use you. Plus you will 100% meet your best friends! – Sierra Reismeier, Current Student Coach

What Makes a Good CG Leader?

Logan Cottrell, Current CG Leader

Two42 CG Leader Application

Thanks for your interest in serving as a Two42 CG Leader! Please carefully read and complete this application and submit it. We will be in contact with you soon to set up an interview.

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