Waumba Land and UpStreet FAQ

Do I have to preregister my child/children before Sunday?

Registration is no longer required for our Sunday morning environments. Our classroom capacity depends on our available volunteers for each Sunday morning so we cannot guarantee unlimited space. We have fun goodie bags to help keep your child busy in the Auditorium if our Kids area reaches max capacity. 

How will I check in my child when we arrive?

We are using a new contactless check in system! By using the “Church Center” app on your phone you can check in your child before entering the church building. When you arrive, simply scan the barcode on your phone and your child’s tags will automatically print.

How does the Church Center app work?
  • Download the Church Center App from the Apple Store or Google Play
  • The first time you access the Church Center App, you will have to set Brazos Fellowship as your church and use your phone number to log in.
  • On Sunday morning, select the Check-In tab and select the service’s Check-in event. Choose who to check in, verify the location, and then tap Next to get the QR code. 
  • When you enter the Kids area, scan the QR code at one of the Kids Check-In stations and your labels will automatically print out. Don’t forget to grab the name tag(s) for your kiddo(s) and your parent tag with the security code for check out.
  • You’re ready to head to your child’s classroom!
Are kids required to wear a face covering?

Face coverings are now optional throughout our buildings for all attendees, volunteers, and staff members.

When dropping off my child what can I expect?

At the door, we will use a touchless thermometer to check the temperature of your child. Then we will offer your child some hand sanitizer (ages 3 +) before inviting them into the classroom with a fist bump or air hug.

How many kids will be in each classroom?

During this time, we are keeping our ratios lower than normal to protect everyone. Room ratios will depend on how many volunteers are present.

How are you screening volunteers who will be in the room with my child?

All volunteers will have a health screening, have their temperature taken, and wash their hands prior to stepping into a classroom.

How are you handling toys/craft supplies?

We will minimize sharing in the classrooms and rotate all toys and craft supplies each service to ensure no child is touching used items.

What cleaning supplies are you using?

All cleaning supplies that we use are CDC approved and are safe to use for children’s environments. We will not allow any child to come in direct contact with our cleaners at any time.

How often are you cleaning rooms?

All rooms and environments will be sanitized after each service time to ensure children always enter a clean room.

If my child tests positive for COVID – 19 after attending a service at BF, what do I do?

Please notify our staff immediately so that we can communicate with anyone who may have been in contact with your child.

How do we access the Online Kids experience?

If you have more questions about Waumba Land or UpStreet, please feel free to directly email our staff at rachaela@brazosfellowship.com or Katelinm@brazosfellowship.com .