By Matt Juarez

What is a “Wow Moment” to you? Something that led you to complete amazement, or shock? Kind of like when your mom asked you to clean, you “forgot” to do it, then…you get THAT text—“I’ll be home in 10 minutes”. The realness of that text sends you into a cleaning frenzy! It moved you to action.

A wow moment, also called a “God moment”, does just that—it leads us to amazement and action. For me, a wow moment is anything that leaves me in awe of God’s love and majesty, moving me to love and live for Him more. These moments are different for everyone. They may come through scripture, sermons, speeches, and life events. God speaks to us each in different ways that are tailored specifically for our hearts. In my life, this consistently comes through the form of worship, through song. Today as you prepare to meet with God I encourage you with this simple and possibly new way of meeting. Seek a quiet place where nothing will interfere with your meeting with Him. Listen to one [or all] of these songs:

‘I Can Only Imagine’ by Mercyme

‘Oh My Soul’ by Casting Crowns

‘What A Beautiful Name (Live)’ by Hillsong Worship

‘Blessed Assurance’ by Elevation Worship

As you listen to the words, think of the meaning behind them. These songs are universal, in that they can be applied in numerous situations. Throughout my walk with Christ each of these songs has spoken to me in different ways that have let me come away with a new way to see Him. In stressful times ‘Oh My Soul’ causes you to remember that our God is bigger than all of our worries, and fear truly MUST leave when we come into His presence. The other songs similarly, yet individually, proclaim the amazing love and power of Jesus Christ. Nothing can ever stand against Him, and because your hope is in Him, nothing formed against you shall stand. Ask to see Him in a new way. Let these words wash over you today, and leave you to be still, in awe, and know that He is God.